Christmas presents ideas

December started and that means that Christmas is just around the corner. I'm typically not the type of person that has many ideas for presents, no matter if I have to buy something for my family members or closest friends - I just block and can't really think of anything sentimental or whatsoever.  That's why this year I'm … Continue reading Christmas presents ideas



A tradition they have in Germany and many other countries nowadays are the Weihnachtsmärkte (plural for Weihnachtsmarkt) or Chistkindmärkte. Those are street markets mostly in the main town squares that are associated with the time before and after Christmas. They originated in the German-speaking regions in the Middle Ages. Today the sale lots of food, … Continue reading Weihnachtsmarkt

Summer trip

We all love the summer - a couple of months that are just constant relaxation and no responsibilities - everybody's dream! But what happens when you keep doing the same stuff and going to the same places every day? That's why a friend of mine, Tsveti, decided to invite us to her grandparent's house up in the … Continue reading Summer trip

Abandoned building

Seeking a thrill in our everyday life, a friend of mine and I decided to make something different, to find somewhere new to go. So Ivelina, that's my friend's name, found an old, abandoned building in Sofia that was going to get razed to the ground in the near future. Knowing that we couldn't miss … Continue reading Abandoned building