Christmas presents ideas

December started and that means that Christmas is just around the corner. I’m typically not the type of person that has many ideas for presents, no matter if I have to buy something for my family members or closest friends – I just block and can’t really think of anything sentimental or whatsoever.  That’s why this year I’m going for some easy presents that will undoubtfully make everyone happy.

  • Makeup

Girls just love make-up… well, most of them. They keep buying more and more, even if they don’t really need it. But they most surely want to have all of the brands, sets, pallets, brushes and so on. Therefore a piece of makeup will make them glowing. And it gets even better. We can all agree that every single one of your female friends has at least once spoken with you about that new product that has just come out recently. In my case that happens quite often, so just wait for the moment and pay attention, even though I’m sure that makeup related stuff is not the most interesting topic for the guys. But this way you can show that you “listen” to all of the ramblings. It’s a win-win situation. Hahaha.

Some of the most requested brands are Mac, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, Naked palettes and Nars.


  • Jewellery

What better would every girl want, than a new piece of jewellery in her collection. The easiest and probably most appreciated one nowadays will be buying a new charm for her Pandora bracelet. Most of them own Pandora bracelets and just can’t wait to get another charm. Why not help them out with a heart formed charm (if you have a closer relationship), zodiac sign (if they are keen on the astrological stuff or they are just superstitious) or anything you think of. There is a great variety of charms and most probably it won’t be too hard to pick one out. And they go from quite a reasonable price to expensive, depending on what your budget is and who you want to impress.

But not only girls wear jewellery nowadays. Men wear a lot of bracelets and rings so you could try ASOS. There is a nice variety of different types and styles of bracelets. Personally, I like to treat myself with some, so I thought it would be helpful to show you.



  • Clothes

The one you can’t go wrong with.. not really. Haha. This one is a little bit tricky. In order to get something, you must know the person’s size, taste, colour preferences and much more. But if you know them well – you can always make it work. Girls love clothes more than anything – they feel some strange kind of pleasure when they manage to complete an outfit or match two pieces and create a new look. Strange, I know!  But clothes are also perfect for your male friends. Guys just forget to buy clothes, most of them of course. So every piece of clothing you get them – it will be more than appreciated. And let’s be honest – most guys wear basic clothes, so if you want to be positive that they will like it – go with something from the “basics” part of the shop.  They will love it, wear it, be happy with it. Again – a win-win situation.

I kind of bought Christmas presents for myself. But can you not agree – a present for me from me is the best kind! Hahaha!


  • Handmade presents

Nothing compares to the homemade presents. They represent all of the effort and creativity put into something special. Handmade cards are just priceless – self-written and put together from nothing.. perfection! Friendship bracelets are a little bit harder. They will use a lot of your time and are quite difficult to make if you go for some harder design. But you can be sure that your friend will love it and won’t take it off until it’s torn out. They vary from simple to complex and as harder it looks, as more appreciated it will be. So dare to try and you will be surprised how nice they can actually turn out to be if you are determined and handy.

  • Practical presents

Here is the part where you need to know the person well. In order to buy something that will actually fit their needs – you need to talk often to that person. For an example phone-related gifts are practical. If you know that your friend’s phone charger is getting a little too old and starting to break apart – go buy him/her a new one. Same goes with screen protectors, cases, headphones and so on. Another one is the everyday things like kitchen supplies – frying pans, pots and dinner sets. Sometimes just a living plant can make a difference and freshen up somebody’s place. Or it can mean a death sentence for an innocent plant, you can never be sure! Hahaha.

  • Children’s presents

That’s my favourite one – buy them onesies! Just do it! No matter if they are babies or 7-year-olds, buy them a onesie. It gets even cooler if it’s an animal one – lion, elephant, tiger, bear, bunny, everything is a good idea. They will never look cuter. Just imagine your 3-years-old niece running around like a real life stuffed lion, roaring the whole apartment. I just can’t wait to see it. Every single penny you gave will be worth it!


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  1. dewyplace says:

    spa treatment , craft beer crawl, movie vouchers , paintball vouchers. Car mags subscription, high tea vouchers , wine , bags , scarves, garden statues, cooking /baking /painting classes ..just adding to your list 😊

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  2. dewyplace says:

    it depends on the person..what they like and then you can just individualise pressies for them. A good home made pressie is to buy a pot and pop some succulents in it. Instant garden . Or bake them a cake/ home made chocolates / bars

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  3. John Sade says:

    All the ideas are really good…especially the make-up 😊. Have you considered something as cute and as easy as say, similarly coloured sweaters fro the whole family. It always works the magic, especially if the color is bright enough. It also makes for uniformity. You can add a little embroidery by hand on each too.

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  4. This is great! 🙂 buying presents is tough! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. When you said you should buy them onesies, I didn’t realize you were talking about children gifts… Hey, I have a onesie. No shame. Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mitiele says:

    Love the onesies idea 🙂


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